Managed WordPress Hosting

No Site Left Behind.

That’s our motto! Launch your site with confidence because we’ll keep it up-to-date and secure! We update WordPress, plugins, and even certain themes.

A Platform for Creative Agencies

  • Work with a dedicated account manager.

  • Focus on creative deliverables, not servers.

  • Launch dev sites pre-configured just for your agency.

  • Work faster and reduce headaches to increase profit margins.

Development Sites & Production Deployments Included.

Afterburner Assist

We’ll migrate your website for free, including WordPress Multisite.

Includes domain transfers and DNS zones.

A Platform for Small Business

  • Expert resources for hard to answer questions.

  • Extend the life of your website & protect your investment.

  • Get to know your dedicated account manager.

  • Keep your website up-to-date and secure.

  • Works great with internal and external teams.

If you’re not updating your WordPress software and plugins every month, you need to! Afterburner helps keep your website secure by performing updates for you.

All-inclusive support for hosting, DNS, domains, and more.

Get Ready to Launch!

A Platform for Nonprofits

Leverage the power of WordPress experts!

Our all-inclusive support makes it easy for nonprofits to succeed on the web.

Rely on our team for best practices, recommendations, and creative connections.

Our team can handle anything you throw our way, so contact us today to learn more.

Key Features

All of our plans include automatic backups. Every night we will take a backup of your entire site (code, database, pictures, & everything). This way, if anything goes wrong we can get you back up and running quickly.

The web is constantly shifting. Websites are compromised everyday. Publishers and website administrators make mistakes. Software changes. Websites can be damaged or destroyed through any number of ways! That’s why backups are standard and backup restoration is part of our all-inclusive service.

WordPress offers an immense amount of flexibility and power to its users. Just like any piece of software, it becomes out of date and vulnerable to attacks as technology changes and the web’s ecosystem shifts. The first and best way to keep your WordPress website secure is to keep the software up to date. So what’s the problem? New updates are not always tested with all your plugins and themes, so they occasionally break a website when they are applied! That’s why we offer our Monthly Updates process.

During your Monthly Update we confirm we have a recent backup of your site. Then we update WordPress and all the plugins that can be safely and securely updated. We may update themes that have released security patches, but this is done at the discretion of our update team. (We don’t update plugins or themes that have been modified as part of custom development, or that are likely to experience breaking changes after the update. In this type of scenario, updating the plugin or theme could erase custom additions or change the look of the website.) After the updates our team actually puts human eyes on your website to make sure everything looks great! If an update fails, we roll back the changes. We also offer hosting plans that include Failed Update Repair at no extra cost.

Nearly 3 out of every 4 websites are vulnerable to hacking according to a report by Symantec. And it’s not just the small guys who are susceptible, some very high profile websites have fallen prey to hacking. New attack vectors are discovered everyday. Even if you keep all your software up to date and everything locked down, your website could still be compromised because new vulnerabilities are discovered with alarming regularity. That is why it is so important that your company has a disaster recovery plan and experts who are proactive about security.

If your web host isn’t protecting your website, then what are they doing?

In addition to Monthly Updates and backups, here at Afterburner we go above and beyond to keep your website safe. We believe security is a holistic discipline that takes precedent from the beginning, not something that can be added on later by installing a plugin or two. Even our most basic plans have options like Brute Force protection and basic WordPress hardening. And we offer services all the way up to continual attack monitoring, DDoS mitigation, and regular malware scanning.

You can’t fight this war alone! That’s why we’re here to help.

Is your website working right now? Are you sure? (Should you be the person worrying about it?)

Having complete and constant availability is key to having a successful website. That’s why we offer constant monitoring of your website.

We will check to make sure your website is reachable in multiple geographic areas. We will monitor the performance of your website to make sure it isn’t getting bogged down during peak traffic times. And we will also perform an automated visual comparison of your website’s homepage to make sure it looks its best all day.

If anything goes awry you can be sure our team will personally investigate the issue and resolve it promptly and efficiently! Contact us to learn how to setup additional monitoring services.